This section acknowledges the personnel who have given their dedication, commitment and loyalty to
Karate Budokan International.


Chew Choo Soot (Founder and Grandmaster of KBI – late)

 Chew Choo Soot, Founder of KBI

Richard Chew Lum Thean (KBI – Grandmaster)

Grandmaster Richard Chew

Wayne MacDonald (KBI – World Chief Instructor)

Wayne McDonald

Mike Tan (KBI – Europe Chief Instructor)

Sensai Mike Tan



KBI – Wales: Black Belt Register
Name of Active Black Belts Grade Date: Started Training/Last grade
Mike TAN (President/Chief Instructor) Nana Dan
(7th Dan)
Paul WALLEN Godan-Ho 1986/2011/2016
Lee JAMES Yondan-Ho 1988/2011/2016
Chai Lee TAN Yondan-Ho 1981/2011/2016
Steve COURT Yondan-Ho 1994/2011/2016
Akbar Ali Sandan-Ho 1993/2003/2016
Barrie Avery Nidan 1986/2002
Joshua ISAAC Nidan 2007/2011/2016
Mike AUBREY Nidan 1996/2003
Emily WALLEN Nidan-Ho 2013/2016
Charlotte PERRIOT Nidan 2002/2009
Kirsty CAMERON Shodan 2015/2016
Lucy CAMERON Shodan 2015/2016
Joseph WALLEN Shodan 2015
Lisa HARTLEY Shodan-Ho 2016
Issac HARTLEY Shodan-Ho 2016
Mike WELLS Nidan 2003/2009
Gemma BLACKMORE (Non active) Nidan 2004/2011
Harvey PATERSON (Non active) Shodan 2002/2009
Manon CARPENTER (Non active) Shodan 2006/2010
Emma SMITH (Non active) Nidan 2004/2011
Dave CONNOLLY (Non active) Nidan 1995/2003
Amit CHATIM (Non active) Nidan 1997/2003