Karate Budokan International (UK & Europe)


Welcome to the Karate Budokan International (UK & Europe) web-site where news and information is  posted about clubs, association, and international forthcoming events in the United Kingdom, Europe and  around the world. Information about the history and traditional art of Karate Budokan International can  be also is found here. We are a full member of the Welsh Karate Governing Body (WKGB Ltd), British  Karate Federation(BKF), World Karate Federation (WKF).

The KBI motto is “Fair, Firm and Friendly” with emphasis on good karate training and high standards of  responsibility and respect.

We teach and distinguish the 4 parts of karate: Art, Practical Application, Sport and Self Defence



Hall of Fame

  • KBI Wales 2016 Winter Grading @ Cardiff, UK New black belts promotion 10th December 2016